Seated Jain statue

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Seated Jain statue


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Marble with details painted in black, gold and blue; 19 x 15 inches. This figure, of fine quality, represents a type seen often in Jain art and frequently found in western collections. It is valuable to include Jain images, as students will easily recognize that this image seems closely related to Buddha images--and indeed it represents a similar renunciant type. But there are several clues to its difference. This image depicts a Jina (victor) that is religious ideal of Jain religion: this is one who is victorious over death, who has achieved spiritual knowledge--similar to the Buddha. They are also known as Tirthankara (Ford Crosser)--that is, one who has crossed to the other side (that is, beyond death). Jains recognize 24 Tirthankaras; the twenty-fourth lived at about the same time as the Buddha and thus was part of same intellectual-spiritual milieu that gave rise to Buddhism. Just as Jains accept many of same principles as Buddhists, the earliest images of Jinas arose in the same time and place as the earliest Budda images. Jinas resemble Buddhas to a great degree: shown in meditation and in yogic posture; Jinas, however, are depicted nude (unlike Buddhas)--'sky clad' being indicative of practice of extreme asceticism. Standing Jinas are always depicted stiffly upright, with unbending posture; in the Jina this distinctive posture communicates the unwavering intent and practice of his austerities, of his spiritual focus.
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India - Colonial 1765 - 1947
19th century



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