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#573 from The Spirit of Harmony


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Acrylic on rice paper; 22 1/4 x 30 1/4 inches. Part of twelve-section suite of images. Potential topics for discussion that the work of Wang Ming could generate (to mention only a few): abstaction and representation in calligraphy and painting; relationships between the past and the present in contemporary art; the Asian-American experience The suite of works currently in the library is particularly lyrical in its treatment of color and form. For the most part, there is little to signify that these are 'Chinese' paintings, which is part of what makes the inclusion of these in the project so useful. That is, in the transnational (art) world of the early 20th-century, what makes a work or an artist 'Chinese'? On the other hand, the pair of scrolls (untitled in the checklist, but one of these is his Work with Joy, of 1974, which has been exhibited and published) plays off many traditions of Chinese painting, including the lengthy (narrative) handscroll painted on paper and mounted on cloth, even though it is executed in a style growing out of Abstract Expressionism. The mounting of the two scrolls conforms to tradition. Traditionally, such scrolls were kept rolled up, and to be viewed would be 'read' sequentially, unrolling a portion at a time as one viewed the entire work while holding; thus, viewing such a scroll was an intimate encounter with the work. The current display of the scrolls, where they hang, opened, in a tall vertical space, challenges those traditional notions of how such paintings would be viewed.
Donated by the artist.


Wang Ming, b. 1922


DiMenna-Myselius Library
Fairfield University


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China - People's Republic of China 1949 - present




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