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Detail of gateway within Beijing's Temple of Heaven complex, which is missing one of the two lion emblems that ordinarily adorn each door.

Siva Sundaresvara in 5th evening procession, on Nandikesvara vehicle.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; 5th evening procession, S. Avani Mula Street; Keywords: sundaresvara, vehicles, processions

Sundaresvara decorated, holding sword and shield, for 6th morning procession; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; Keywords: sundaresvara, decoration

Siva Sundaresvara decorated for 6th morning procession, in Kalyana-mandapa.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; photo by natural light, in Kalyana-mandapa before start of procession; Keywords: sundaresvara, decoration

People sit on a subway car, waiting for their ride to begin.

Watercolor on paper. Label attached on lower left says in English and Chinese "My Dear Miss Dickshaw, Jang Yun Fang". Large flowers in pink and white with green leaves and brown limbs are peering up from large dark gray/black rocks while white…

A snowfall in Kyoto doesn't prevent Todaiji, housing a large Buddha, from looking majestic.

16.25 x 14.25 inches. The Womb Mandala (J.: Taizokai Mandara) is the static principle of the cosmos; the matrix of all things, i.e., the material world of physical phenomena, with Dainichi Nyorai, the Cosmic Universal Buddha in the Shingon sect of…

A monument in Nagasaki for 26 martyrs. They were all professed Christians of various ages, both Japanese and non-Japanese. They were made to walk from Kyoto to Nagasaki, where they were executed.

The Japanese flag waves proudly from the roof of a shrine in Nagasaki.
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