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The ascending garden along the stairs is filled with gorgeous hydrangea (called "ajisai" in Japanese) in the summer.
Approaching the main hall from the stairs one can see this small shrine to the left. Behind it is the massive main hall.
This bell tower adorns the top of the stairway. One enters this central plaza from the stairway just beneath the bell. The main hall stands just to the right (behind the palm tree). The white spherical lanterns are visible there. From this plaza,…
All Buddhist temples in Japan have a bell that is usually covered by an elaborate roof. The bell is rung by a large log suspended by chains, and it resonates with a deep gong-like sound for many seconds.
This hall enshrines a portrait of the founder of the Shingon school of Japanese Buddhism, Kobo Daishi (Kukai).
This is the interior of the Kobo Daishi Hall.
This is the chandelier-like canopy above the statue of Kobo Daishi, in which are carved images of various Buddhas.
Copies of scriptures hand-scribed by the faithful are stored in this hall. Many short, and sometimes long, Buddhist texts are copied as part of a practice that accumulates merit. The Heart Sutra (Hannya Shingyo) is a one-page text widely copied…
A view through the gate of one of the larger sub-temples within the Hasedera complex.
This lovely sub-temple at Hasedera (same one as picture 24), offers a fine glimpse from its entrance way down a long corridor of the back garden.
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