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Behind the Saito, or Western Stupa, is this lovely green lawn.
Each of the deities in this line of Buddhist images receives water from the ladles of numerous visitors. They also receive an occasional cap and bib.
These are the same statues as in cocrejpn0182. The most visible is a standing Kannon, the bodhisattva of compassion. To the right is visible the Tamagawa stream, over which the bridge in the background takes visitors to Kobo Daishi's mausoleum.
The actual small shrine where Kobo Daishi's body was placed is behind the large mausoleum. These visitors stand between the mausoleum and the shrine while facing the shrine, which is to the right in this photo. The man in the white jacket is the…
One of the paths in Okunoin passes over a stream.
Near the main shrine at Okunoin people stop to pray before, and pour water over, these Buddhist images.
This shape is common to the Shingon school of Japanese Buddhism and reflects its doctrines. The five geometric shapes of this stupa-like grave stone signify the five elements shared by all living things (from bottom to top, cube, sphere, pyramid,…
This is the same Jizo image as in photo 184.
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