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This is the view of the main hall from the sub-temple shown in cocrejpn0024.
A close-up of the main hall as seen from the sub-temple in cocrejpn0024. Note the bell tower at the top of the stairway to the right.
An alternative view of the main gate from a garden within the temple complex.
Yet another of the many sub-temples in the complex.
An image of the fierce-looking protective deity Fudo-myo-o enshrined within the temple in cocrejpn0030.
Statue of Fudo Myo-o within sub-temple.
This small shrine is located in the middle of a relatively new (1970's and 80's) suburban neighborhood in Nabari City.
The path leads to steps upon which the worshipper will stand, drop a coin or two into the offerings box (from the ground up to about waist height), pull the string to jingle the little bell up tip, clap the hands to gain the attention of the kami,…
This angle shows the stone basin where the worshippers cleanse themselves, as well as the small administrative structure adjacent to the main hall.
At this stone basin worshippers will rinse both hand and mouth as a symbolic act of purification before proceeding into the shrine center.
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