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On a pillar of the temple is this gray makara, a mythical aquatic beast associated with the Ganges gharial, a species of crocodile. The makara is associated with Kamadeva, god of desire, as well as the goddess Ganga and the Vedic god of the sea,…
On a pillar of the temple, a lingam sits beneath the protective hood of a three-headed cobra, possible a naga.
On a pillar of the temple, a lingam sits between the horns of a bull.
On a pillar of the temple, Shiva's bull, Nandin, protects a Shiva Linga.
At this Temple devoted to Datta, a Shaivite ascetic who lives in a nearby cave, tends this altar and performs daily fire rituals.
A brightly painted image on an inside pillar in the area outside the inner sanctum presents a lively image of the dancing Shiva Nataraj. In some parts of the temple, the ancient pigments seem to have been preserved, probably due to their placement…
Familiar scenes from the Indian epic, the Ramayana, cover one outer wall of the main temple. The parallel wall on the other side tells the story of the Mahabharata in carved vignettes of well-known episodes.
Mata Ganga stands in this shrine niche on top of her vahana, the makara. A representation of the River Ganga, she stands next to two other river goddesses, Yamuna and Saraswati.
The Manu Stambha stands just inside the temple courtyard.
The wall sculpture illustrates the tale of Vishnu and Brahma who find they are no match for the mighty Shiva whose power symbolized in his lingam has no beginning or end.
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