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As noted in the description for Bhajan singing 1, audience members as well as singers are wrapped in woolen shawls enjoying the devotional songs in the winter night air.
As noted in Bhajan singing 1 and 2, the warmly dressed singers from the Rama Temple are singing songs of praise to Vaishnava deities. Women and men sing together in these groups.
Sometimes called the nga&quBaby Taj", the Bibi ki Maqbara is the tomb of Begum Rabia Durani, mother of Azam Shah, one of the grandsons of Shah Jahan who commissioned the Taj Mahal in Agra. This tomb shrine was constructed by Azam Shah as a memorial…
At the entrance to the shrine, visitors are instructed to remove their shoes and sandals (chapples). The sign in English and Hindi indicates that while you are expected to remove your footwear at this shrine, the shrine takes no responsibility for…
Inside the tomb, typical Mughal designs such as this flower within a mehrab have been carved into the marble walls.
Bodhisattva figures adorn the outer walls of the caves. These bodhisattva figures represent the ideal of leaving one's family, wealth, and social standing to take up the life of a wandering Buddhist mendicant seeking enlightenment
This Buddha figure was carved to appear seated on a pedastal behind an ornate doorway carved with bodhisattva figures in different poses, sitting and standing. This Buddha hands are held in the dharmacakra mudra, the gesture of teaching.
In a cave within a cave, the Buddha sits on a pedastal behind a doorway carved with buddhas and bodhisattvas in various poses. Two deer lie below him on the pedastal and the entranceway pillars are carved to create the royal setting of a palace.
At the base of a buddha figure, lay devotees, men and women, carry offerings, possibly to celebrate the end of the rainy season retreat. The hair of the laypeople is emphasized in these figures perhaps as a contrast to the shaved heads of the monks…
This Buddha figure, seated in the lotus position, is an early sculpture demonstrating the dharmacakra mudra, the hand gesture of teaching. A traditional depiction of the Buddha Sakyamuni as Teacher.
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