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Photograph of the interior of the Yu Gardens, Shanghai.
U.S. soldiers fight the Chinese during the Korean War. Title illustration, Young Men on the Battlefield, vol. 1, no. 16, August 1952.
The image shown is the road leading up to the main gate. This is where most of the students are seen wandering before and after classes. The library, the Global Lounge, and engineering buildings are all located here as well.
This is taken from the Millennium Hall on the Yonsei University campus where most of the classes for the exchange students attend further ahead on the right is the Korean Language Institute where the language classes are held and further beyond is…
During the summer program, this area is filled with students between classes and nearby is a cafeteria, at the tables there are usual several trays filled with Korean food.
Not all of the classes for exchange students are in Korea. To learn the basics of Korean history, Introduction to Korean Studies touches on all areas related to Korea.
Many of the universities in Korea are too crowded to take in all of the students in the dorm, so many students rent a room in a student boarding house. This particular boarding house is located less than 40 feet from the entrance to the East Gate of…
This bridge is a nice piece of architecture at the Engineering building in Yonsei University, Seoul.
In order to use the internet for free one can use the computer lab in the New Millennium Hall.
Yonsei is known all over Korea for its beautiful campus and is the location of many famous movies, such as "My Sassy Girl". There is also a large outdoor amphitheater where concerts are held with all of the top singers in Korea.
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