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Flyer advertising a grand matinee was held to honor members of the Japanese mission during their stay in New York.
View of some of the tall buildings and advertisements along Shanghai's Huangpu river, glimpsed through the perpetual Shanghai haze.
Air raid drills in Japan during World War II.
Image taken at the wedding ceremony of Prince Akihito and Shoda Michiko. The prince deviated from previous tradition in marrying a woman of his own choosing.
Painted ink on paper image of the Pure Land Buddha Amida. May also be a representation of Amitayus, "The Buddha of Long Life" based on the iconography of the 'long life' symbol on the deity's robe. Purchased in the early 1980's in Taiwan.
A shopping center known as "And You"
Magazines specializing in manga and anime.
Inu Yasha poster at a bookstore.
Audio clip of the anthem for the People's Republic of China.
Series of images chronicling the US involvement in China during the early part of the 20th century.
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