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Photograph of the natural splendor of Suzhou's famous gardens. This view features a distinctive round red door set into a white wall.
Photo of the Hall for Prayer for Good Harvest, part of the Temple of Heaven complex in Beijing.
Picture of a hanging lamp and slice of dragon roof in the Yu Gardens complex, Shanghai.
Engraving depicting the first train starting from Shanghai, marking the opening of the first railroad train in China.
Illustration showing American and English soldiers climbing the walls of Beijing.
A member of the Boxers United in Righteousness, waving his flag, circa 1900.
The Red Guard parading one of their victims, branded a 'political pickpocket,' through the streets of Beijing, January 1967.
Title page from a book of illustrations from the Japan-China War of 1894-1895. Features two grinning men in britches and caps holding Japan's war flag aloft.
Ruins of the Yuan Ming Yuan (Summer Palace), photographed by Thomas Childe in 1875. On October 18, 1860, Britain's Lord Elgin ordered his troops to destroy the summer palace designed by Jesuit architects for Emperor Qianlong. That same day, theā€¦
Demonstrators dance in Tiananmen, in high spirits even two days after the martial law declaration.
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