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A giant torii on a mountain path notifies hikers of a nearby shrine.

Even on the top of a mountain one can find a shrine.

The boat is said to have been one of Sutemaru's toys. Resembling a real boat, it has a small cabin at the helm and another at the stern. A board with wheels is attached to the bottom of the boat so that it can be pulled.

Portrait sculpture of Toyotomi Sutemaru (1589-1591), the first son of Toyotomi Hideyoshi (1537-1598), died when he was just two years old. Hideyoshi built Shounji in eastern Kyoto as the child's memorial temple. This portrait was enshrined there.…

People sit on a subway car, waiting for their ride to begin.

A snowfall in Kyoto doesn't prevent Todaiji, housing a large Buddha, from looking majestic.

A monument in Nagasaki for 26 martyrs. They were all professed Christians of various ages, both Japanese and non-Japanese. They were made to walk from Kyoto to Nagasaki, where they were executed.

The Japanese flag waves proudly from the roof of a shrine in Nagasaki.

Central to Shinto is the belief in divine begins (kami) which traditionally inhabit heaven and earth. Divine status is attached to anything which is striking, elevated and beautiful or possesses outstanding qualities: in brief, anything which…

A clear waterfall at a shrine in Nagasaki.
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