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Yali vehicle, with Minaksi, on 5th evening procession.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; 5th evening procession, S. Avani Mula Street; Keywords: minaksi, vehicles, processions
Tree and icons of worship, in outer part of Minaksi temple complex; Minaksi temple; on North Adi Stree, near North Gopuram; Keywords: deities, devotees
Worshipers at small shrine of Nine Planets, in Kambattadi Mandapa to east of Sundaresvara shrine.; Minaksi temple; small shrine in mandapa to northeast of Sundaresvara shrine; Keywords: deities, planets, devotees
Devotee worships Hanuman on column, in mandapa of temple complex.; Minaksi temple; column sculpture in mandapa to east of main Sundaresvara sanctum, now heavily worshiped; Keywords: deities, hanuman
Wooden base for processional chariot, with initial bamboo superstructure; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Keywords: vehicles, ratha
Wooden base for processional chariot, before preparations; Minaksi temple, Chittrai, 2004; Kept on East masi Street. 2001 plaque claims that the two big rathas are about 300 years old; Keywords: vehicles, ratha
Wall painting of Minaksi, inside temple corridor. This central panel depicts the marriage of Mianksi and Siva Sundaresvara, officiated by Visnu.; Minaksi temple; Uncompleted wall-painting, in corridor north of Golden Lotus Tank, inside temple…
View of Temple Towers, from across Vaigai River, with competition from billboards.; Minaksi temple; Keywords: temple, towers
View of Temple Towers from Goripalayam, across river; Minaksi temple; Taken from large statue of Thevar, at Goripalayama intersection (same as photo in 1982); Keywords: temple, towers

Two swordsmen, mock fight in Kalyana mandapa. These are men from an agricultural caste in nearby village, who have inherited the privilege of playing these roles during the 6th day lila.; Minaksi temple, Avani Mula, 2007; Fighters are farmers, from…
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