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Materials in the Earlham collection are drawn from a broad spectrum of Asian cultures and includes materials both historic and contemporary, drawn from collections of current and former Earlham faculty and students, and other friends and students of Asia. We invite anyone who has resources on Asia that they wish to share to contact us and to contribute to the building of this valuable project of resources for teaching and learning about Asia.

Collection Items

Thorp Collection 029, wedding procession, bridge, Sichuan
Wedding procession, bridge, Sichuan. This image and all others identified as ecasia000072 through ecasia000278, are scans of images from the James Thorp Collection, Earlham College. An explanation and description of the collection and its origin…

Tamba pottery, view 01.,  fields in valley in front of village
The ancient pottery village of Tachikui, in the region formerly known as the Tamba region, is commonly called, simply, Tamba. It is in the mountains west of Kyoto and north of Kobe. One of the so-called "six ancient kilns" of Japan (the others…

Tamba pottery, view 02., pots in a shop window
A group of pots in a shop window show the strong traditional form of Tamba jars. Traditionally made as storage jars, the thick rim allowed a cord to be tied securely around the neck of the jar, to hold a cloth in place to close the mouth of the jar.…

Tamba pottery, view 03., communal kiln
It was common in traditional pottery villages for there to be a large communal kiln which might be fired several times a year, with each workshop in the village filling several chambers with their production. This slide and the next (ecasia000324)…

Tamba pottery, view 04., communal kiln
Again, this is a photo of the long communal kiln at Tamba-Tachikui. This is the lower portion of the kiln, which stretches on up the hill. The larger pieces of wood stacked on the left here will be used at the beginning of the firing of the kiln,…

Tamba pottery, view 06., Ichino home and workshop
This is the home and workshop of the Ichino family, one of the foremost pottery families in Tamba-Tachikui.

Tamba pottery, view 07., current work from Ichino kiln
This group of pieces line the edge of a porch across the front of the Ichino home, with its showroom here at the front of the ground floor. The two pieces on the left are very traditional Tamba pieces with their trailed decoration, which is…

Tamba pottery, view 08., wheel in the Ichino workshop
Potter's wheel in the Ichino workshop at Tamba-Tachikui. This is a "Korean-style" wheel, which is operated by kicking or, usually, with a pawing action of the left foot, rather than with the wheel head stick that is customary in most traditional…

Tamba pottery, view 10., view from interior of Ichino workshop, looking out at kiln
View from the interior of the Ichino workshop, with standard production work on the shelves in the foreground and the kiln in the background. Potters will be interested to note the angle of the incline on which the kiln is built. There is no…

Tamba pottery, view 09., fired pots in the Ichino workshop
This group of finished pieces were on ware boards in the Ichino workshop. To some extent, they may represent experiments with new forms, glazes, or decorative techniques, that may diverge some from traditional Tamba vessels.
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